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Magic Custard Cake

Looking for a dessert with vanilla flavour and a creamy center? Look no further. This magic custard cake is perfect for you!

30th Birthday Choux Cake

Fresh and creamy choux cake, filled with strawberries, whipped cream and pastry cream. Perfect for a 30th birthday or anniversary, but you can create any …

Castella Cake

Fluffy and tasty Castella cake. In vanilla, strawberry and chocolate variety. Just slice and enjoy.

Sponge Fingers

Fluffy sponge fingers, for anyone who loves light and fluffy snacks. Perfect to make tiramisu with. Used in the following recipes:

See-Through Piรฑata Cookies

After seeing this post on Instagram, I was inspired to create these hourglass, heart and heels see-through piรฑata cookies. These are pretty, but definitely tasty …

Marshmallow Birthday Cake

Do you love the taste of marshmallows? How about Nutella? Or both of those flavours combined, in this case. This marshmallow birthday cake is very …

Rainbow Hearts Cake Roll

This rainbow hearts roll cake is perfect for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or any other occasion really. The cake is fluffy and the strawberries and …