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Cookie Brownies

Brownies topped with delicious chocolate chip cookie dough. Chewy and chocolaty treats and easy to make.

Malteser Brownies

These Malteser brownies are tasty and easy to make. The perfect snack for anyone who loves Maltesers. Used in the following recipes:

Oreo Brownies

Happy Oreo day! Enjoy these tasty Oreo brownies, prepared with black cocoa and lots of Oreos.

Red Velvet Brownies

Delicious and chocolaty red velvet brownies with or without cream cheese whipped cream topping, perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Nutella Brownies

Only three ingredients and easy to make with a tasty result. A treat for any and all Nutella lovers that fits perfectly with some ice …


An all time favourite of many a chocolate lover, myself included: brownies! A great and easy recipe to whip up whenever you crave some chocolaty …


The white chocolate counterpart to brownies. Blondies are creamy and sweet and not hard to make at all. Enjoy these delicious treats whenever you want …