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Kerststol, or feeststol as it is now often called, is a delicious kind of bread filled with raisins, almond paste and nuts. This recipe is …


A sticky, sweet and scrumptious Dutch bread recipe. Enjoy it for breakfast, lunch or really whenever you feel like it.  

Almond Wreath

Although traditionally shaped into a letter, called a banketletter, these almond wreaths are just as good and a nice treat for Christmas.


Fluffy and not-too-sweet eierkoeken, a tasty Dutch treat that can be enjoyed as is or with some nice toppings if you’d like. Used in the …


Sweet, delicious and dense Boterkoek. A nice treat for any occassion.

Gender Reveal Cream Puffs

Looking for a simple yet tasty way to announce your baby’s gender? Look no further! These gender reveal cream puffs are delicious and easy to …

Pocky or Pejoy Chocolates Box

Chocolate lover? How about an edible Pocky or Pejoy chocolates box, ready to be filled with store-bought or homemade chocolates. Consider filling them with these …