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Magic Custard Cake

Looking for a dessert with vanilla flavour and a creamy center? Look no further. This magic custard cake is perfect for you!

Easter Carrot Cake

Adorable and tasty Easter carrot cake. Decorate with chocolate Easter Bunnies or Easter eggs to give them an Easter theme.

Star Dome Cakes

Chocolatey goodness combined with hazelnut praline and hazelnut sponge cake. A yummy and pretty dessert, topped with a gold star.

Holly Dome Cakes

A delicious strawberry white chocolate mousse centre, white chocolate mousse, vanilla sponge cake, strawberry white chocolate ganache and to top it off: a holly chocolate. …

Sprinkle Heel Cake

Who doesn’t love sprinkles? If you do you’ll love this red velvet cake covered in sprinkles, topped with a sprinkle chocolate heel.

Flamingo and Swan Cake

Ombre striped pink and white strawberry and cream cheese cake with a flamingo and swan on top. Perfect together with some crown cupcakes.

Crown Cupcakes

Adorable and tasty strawberry cupcakes with strawberry cream cheese buttercream, swirled with cream cheese buttercream, and chocolate crowns on top.